Why Should you do social media?

Wadh Salim
3 min readAug 20, 2021


Canva photo of soical media

I’m a bad writer. I mean literally. I failed my English writing assessment test in college 3 times. And If you are reading this right now, I’m flattered that you are still reading. Seth Godin once said, that if we can’t show him 50,000 words in bad writing, we can’t say that we are a bad writer. I don’t think my former ESL teacher, Ms. D would have ever thought that I would create a blog. Thank you Ms. D for not giving up on me.

Why would I start a blog or even make videos on social media?

This is so against my nature. I don’t like to grab people’s attention. However, people who know me, think that I’m ok with that. And, the reason that they think that is because I love people and I’m a good socializer who has a lot of passion, which puts me in the spotlight all the time. But, it was so hard for me to start writing and making videos on social media. I’d rather have my skin peeled and die than do such a thing. Not sure if it’s a phobia or the sense of privacy that I like.

But, why? I saw the importance of social media and putting yourself out there on the internet. I realized that for someone like me with a big liability and has a desire of achieving great things and doesn’t have anything other than his skills, social media can give me a mic, a window, or even an Orchestra.

Also, having a baby on the way makes everything else trivial compared to my responsibility as an upcoming father. I saw that everything is irrelevant towards the real question of what kind of place I want my kids to be raised in. That drove me even harder to do whatever it takes.

Why would you start?

You have no idea how big of an opportunity you are missing out on by not doing social media. I’m not talking about the money. I’m talking about being a part of a great society that you can exchange thoughts with and get feedback. I’m talking about being able to access great minds and networking. I’m talking about being with people who are highly motivated.

And, if you are a business, I can tell you that you are missing an even bigger opportunity. Also, you are not in the growth phase. You are most likely declining. You might think that you are doing great because people refer you to other people, that word of mouth is the secret sauce. But how much of that can allow you to build a great business? Unless you are not looking to control your growth.

If you are a local business, you must do it, because there are companies from the national or even the global market with a lot of money, power, and resources, trying to take your customers away.

Be generous, no one likes ads

One of the things that motivate me to write blogs and make videos, is that I’m bringing value to someone without making conditions. The value I bring shouldn’t be tied to how I’m going to monetize my audience, but it’s all about my audience. It’s all about how I improve their lives and businesses. So, don’t use social media as if it’s an ad space, but as if it’s a non-profit organization that tries to do good in the world.